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My Story

Helping the community has been a part of my identity, for as long as I can recall. Utilizing movement and nature has helped me find peace and a central part of my self-ritual since I was a child. These unique coping skills separated me from many groups.

Discovering a community that accepted me and aligned with my spiritual beliefs proved to be a challenge for an extensive period. Becoming a single mother to my son who has autism while proving to be another obstacle. This path in my life lead me to transition into a life filled with self-discovery and growth.

Despite having a long history filled with spiritual work, yoga never felt like it was for me. But the universe continually gave me signs to dive into my yoga teacher training. Once in training I realized the reason I was led to this training.  With gentle guidance and active research, I began to uncover the healing reciprocal benefits for individuals with autism and their caregivers.

I look forward to sharing these tools with you and your loved ones and to have the opportunity for you (my clients) to continually teaching as I walk down this path with my son. 

I am home now, and my passion is to serve you and especially those with unique abilities.


Mindfulness on the Spectrum Founder & Instructor

Lady Jennifer Barlow RYT 500


Yoga is a technology that when done, gives you the ability to adapt well and persevere in the face of challenge. 

I'm here to help other's understand that they have it within themselves to create a better life and manage their stress and anxiety. Yoga will do what it does naturally. In my experience, yoga has taught me 12 Steps of Acknowledgement, which you will discover in my yoga workshops & practices.

Often there are hidden struggles that yoga tends to bring to surface, I will encourage all my clients to allow those hidden/ past or present experiences to release. I will help them to use the 12 steps to move (yoga)  through the emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges they face.

Your Brain on Yoga

"Mindfulness practices such as yoga, does wonders for the brain. Even beginners of asana, pranayama, and meditation observe and report feeling an increase of mental stability and mental clarity during and after practice. 

Thanks to sophisticated brain imaging technologies, neuroscientists are proving what teachers and practitioners have known for ages - that yoga and meditation can literally change your brain. But what exactly is going on in the brain?  A basic understanding of brain anatomy and function can serve as a handy road map for your inner journey." - Kathryn Heagberg  

In my workshops, you will learn how your brain and nervous system benefit from practicing yoga. 

Brain Scans

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