The Warrior

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  Aries derives from the Latin word Arietare, meaning "to butt" or "butt heads" Aries in Latin means "Ram". This already paints the picture in your head that Aries harnesses masculine energy and The Divine Masculine. It paints the picture of " Move! Get out of my way! I'm coming in fast!" type of person. 

  An Aries man and woman are similar but, still different. An Aries man harnesses more of the warrior quality than the woman. This is because the Aries woman tends to stop and think about a consequence or two about going head first and taking swift action. However, an evolved Aries will take the time come up with more than 2 consequences that could come from taking an impulsive action. An unevolved Aries will still go for it. Thinking that they need to get to the prize first, regardless of consequence. 

  Here are some quick notes on Aries:

  • They are born leaders! Ready to go and initiate their plans into action.


  • You know an Aries doesn't trust you because they will not talk up a storm with you. Those that Aries trust, they will talk, talk, and talk all day long with you, and be open.


  • Evolved Aries are very in tuned with their "higher-self" and trust their intuition. They have it built in! They know who has good intentions and who doesn't.

  • They have a warrior quality.


  • They feel the need to be the first to act. They feel things will work out better if they lead. 


  • Aries are always right ... well to them. Aries need to be careful because they can struggle with their ego like their Leo brother's and sister's. This is one reason why the two can be fast friends. It's easy for them to form their own "mean girls club". They can be seen as "mean" because of their ego taking over. If you don't agree with them, well forget you! Aries need to learn to balance their fiery emotions. Don't allow your ego to overcome you. You'll find it will lead you into unbalanced relationships if you do. 


  • Aries that are EVOLVING successfully, will admit when they are wrong AND want to know WHY they were wrong. They want to learn from their lessons. 


  • The SHADOW side of Aries is that they can struggle to execute and take action toward ideas and goals due to laziness. They can become MENTALLY exhausted and overwhelmed with plans, ideas, and the thought of executing. It can drain them and this can cause burn out ( Aries is a fire sign).


  •  They can struggle with falling asleep because they feel the need to plan and prepare to be the best. It is hard to shut their mind off. This is the same with Virgo's, however, that is a different type of overthinking. 


  • An unevolved sign will not bring their soul gifts forward and into reality. 


  • An Aries needs to be open to outside help from someone of the other elements. Like a Taurus (earth) and a Pisces (water). Working with other elements on a project can help with keeping Aries from burning out.



  • Ask yourself these Aries questions:

1) How can you take more decisive action in your life?

2) Is there anything you need to get done that you have put off for a while?

3) Have you thought this plan through? 

4) Did you think of the possible consequences?


     We can all benefit from the energy of an Aries. For example, I'm a Pisces and water sign. As a Pisces, and like other water signs, we can sometimes struggle with taking action toward bringing our creative ideas into reality. We have the vision, however, we need an Aries and even the help of a Taurus to bring that vision into the physical. Aries begins the initiation and a Taurus will take it to the finish line. 

  This has always made me think of the work space. As a boss, can you create more success, peace, harmony, and flow by intentionally hiring all elements and placing them in the roles their signs are awesome at? 

  Just something to think about!

  GEMSTONES: Sun Stone, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Fire Agate, Mahogany Obsidian, Clear Quartz, and more.


  HERBS AND ESSENTIAL OILS: Carnation, Lily of the Valley, Clove, Musk, Ginger, Coriander, Sandalwood, Bay, Allspice, and Copal.




  Pisces/Aries Cusp - As Pisces is an emotional and is all about the feelings, they can sometime become overwhelmed with emotions and the energy they pick up from other's around them. They are natural born empaths. They can sometimes struggle with trusting their own intuition and higher-self because of this. "Are these my feelings or someone else's? I'm not sure what to believe!"


  They are the dreamers and the ones that wish upon a star. Their imagination can run wild and sometimes can take them out of reality. Aries are all about taking action and getting started first and taking the lead. So with a mixture of both signs and elements, this can cause a lot of back and forth and trying to decide what is more realistic. It can cause impulsive action due to the emotions. 

  Aries/Taurus - This is a much easier cusp! A combination of fire and earth as your sun sign is all about getting down to business and bringing visions to life.


  Aries Sun:


- Needs to be seen and heard. 

-Built in compass that tends to be accurate.

- The authority figures of the zodiac.

- The self starters and initiators. 

- Leadership

- Courage

- Strength

Aries Rising:

- Shows up as a source of direction and leader.

- Motivates the people in the room, like the warrior motivating their army.

Aries Moon: 

- Underneath it all, you want to lead. You see someone trying to lead and you think to yourself, " as a leader, I would never do that. I would lead this way." You feel like you could lead better. 

Aries in Venus:


- A need to bring your passions into reality.


- You will act on your hearts passions. 

- Loves openly. 

- They will make the other person prove their love to them. Its about the actions for an Aries in Venus.


Aries in Mars:


- Mars is home to the God Ares. If your Aries is in Mars, this is your home and domain.


- You fight with fire and fight like the Ram.


- You go in head first, or as the warrior, with the sword first!


- You take action. You don't let it slide.




Modality: Cardinal fire sign. Assert their style of leadership through their element.

Tarot Archetype: The Emperor

Color Association: Red

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Energy: Masculine

Other Energy: Destruction and Recreation

God Association: Ares, Amon-Ra, Horus the Red, Mangal, Angaraka, Kuja,  Karttikeya, Nergal, Tyr, Tiu, and Pahlavani Siphir.

  See which God of Mars calls to you. Look them up and see how you can bring their energy into your space.



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  I hope you enjoyed this lesson on Aries! I can't wait to see you all again next month for Taurus season! One of my favorite astrological seasons!!! Taurus is about bring your visions into  reality and creating space for prosperity, growth, and abundance! Don't miss next month and my Taurus ritual set! 


Lady Jenn Barlow

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