Class 1: Introduction


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The correlation between the events on earth and the heavenly bodies is the study of astrology. It concentrates on relationships, cycles and patterns, and opportunities into understanding our psychological nature. It moves us past the exterior focus on what we are doing, to WHY we are doing it, and into the desires we have underneath. Once we are able to understand the interior of ourselves, we are able to increase compassion, self-acceptance, sense of meaning and purpose, and inspire us to evolve fully into who we are at the core (sun sign).


This year you get an opportunity to learn the basics of astrology for free with me every month for this 2021! I believe these classes should be available for free because, not everyone would be able to afford a class like this and some spiritual teachers charge way too much for something that I believe everyone has the birth right to know! My new year's gift to every single one of you!


Every month I will post information on a zodiac sign of that month, and what it means to be that zodiac in your sun, moon, ascended (rising), Venus, and Mars placement. You're probably thinking, "how do I know what ALL my signs are?" Simple, go to right now before class begins here March 20th, 2021. Once you get to the website, plug in all the information you need to figure out all your signs (yes, you are more than just that one sun sign). You will need:

1) Birth day

2) Birth month

3) Birth year

4) Exact location you were born

5) Exact time of your birth (ask your mom or look at your birth certificate)


Once you have all your information, plug it into the website and allow it to generate your natal chart. There it will tell you your sun, moon, ascended, Venus, and Mars signs and more! For the sake of not making this a complicated online class, I will only teach you about those signs. If you wish to learn more beyond that, message me and I will get you started! You'll see there that what I do as a yoga instructor, is so much more!


The free astrology 101 class will begin in March as Aries actually marks the beginning of the zodiac and Pisces marks the end of the zodiac. This to me, as a longtime student of astrology, makes total sense as Pisces is said to embody aspects of each sign that comes before it, making those born under a Pisces sun, adaptable. They carry great wisdom because of this ability.


Aries is in its natural placement as the beginning of the zodiac. They are the first to start - and the first to finish - whatever they set out to do. "The spring equinox, March 21, is the beginning of the new zodiacal year and Aries, the first sign, is therefore that of new beginnings." -


Each month we will take a trip into each sign, go into the mythological story behind each sign, and I will suggest tools to help you channel each sign if you feel you need a little help with your path. For example, I'm a Pisces and in my natal chart I lack air energy. The zodiac signs of the element of air are Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. So I would use metaphysical tools that harness that air energy to help create better flow in my life experiences. Make sense?


Stay tuned for the next blog post where I will prep you for your classes and go into explaining what a sun, moon, and ascended sign is, as well as Venus and mars! I will go into so much more so, be prepared to print out the blog for your convenience.


Guess what? You have homework to get done this week before I post again next week.



Go to and print out a copy of your natal chart! Have fun!!


I Cannot wait to begin this journey with you!!


Many Blessings,


Lady Jenn Barlow



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☀️ As fun as looking at your horoscope every day may be, it isn’t always accurate. I have lost complete faith in the every day horoscopes, because I’ve come to realize that those predictions are only looking at one aspect of your natal chart. They’re only taking a look at one sign out of all of the other hundred signs that are in your chart, which tell a story of who you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, your ego, and your core essence.


🌙 They focus on only your sun sign. They don’t even specify if they’re talking about the lighter aspect of your sun sign or the shadow aspect of your sun sign. This is why when you look at your horoscope, it’s mostly wrong. It doesn’t resonate with you.


😆 If only you knew how to figure your entire natal chart out and discover your own findings yourself 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔


🙏🏼 Well good news is that you can! And it’s free to get a hold of your astrological birth chart!


✨ The reason why people want to know their horoscope is because deep down they’re looking for direction and understanding about what’s happening in their life and what’s happening within them internally and externally. Looking at one aspect of who you are isn’t going to help you figure that out. Your natal chart goes into detail and helps you to understand more about how you operate internally and externally. 


🌱 Everything that makes up The Universe has a direct impact on us. In fact, it’s basic physics. “Earth Experiences Rich planetic effects of SUN and MOON (sea water - gravity effect On No moon day and full moon day) and to some extent the Space Radiation, same way as per physics and gravitational force / law, somehow Mars, Venus, mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, pluto and psuedoplanets (as per hindu astrology) Raku and Ketu (moon ‘s north nood and south nood ) have also direct effect on us . This is not a belief but a fact and truth. Moon has mostly effects on our Atmosphere and Hydrosphere. This has been approved by science as well. Hydrosphere experiences severe tides during full moon and new moon days. They effect Atmosphere. This inturn effects human beings ( as human body contain about 90% water, so mind also affected), Because, moisture in atmosphere causes some problems to humans. The Energy from different planets has a different effect on humanity and also on plant and animal life.” - Dr. Anadi Sahoo 🪐