Astrology 101: The Zodiacs Explained

Class 2: Sun, Moon, Rising (ascended), Venus, & Mars Placements

  One of the most popular questions I get asked as a soul path reader is about love. When will I find true love? Why did they leave me? Can I get them back? All those questions about love tell me one thing, they lack self-confidence and inner power. They lack self-acceptance and mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity. There is nothing wrong with that. I was there at one point in my life years ago when I hit an emotional and mental rock bottom. I went to get a reading, found a way to force the relationship to work, and then 7 years later found myself divorced and a single parent. If I had known then what I know now, I could have spared myself and my son the pain of divorce. But I have come to find that we must all go through lessons in life to help us grow mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I look back now and thank God for my experience because I would not be here writing this and teaching people about spiritual evolution. I would not have my son who is a teacher in many ways for me. My point in telling you this, is that the minute you learn what I teach you, most of you will compare your charts with those you have a love and sexual attraction to …  which is fine! But remember to be honest with yourself if you recognize that these potential partners are not compatible with your chart. Of course, there is the whole “life path” thing where if you feel your hearts desires is to proceed with that person regardless of whether they are compatible, you will be with them anyway. They are probably a soulmate, here to help in your growth and spiritual evolution … but it will be painful. If you have any question on that, feel free to message me on Instagram at either one of my profiles. I’ll list them down below, as well as my YouTube channels where you can learn more.


  When you do your chart, you can investigate how you are in love and in conflict. You can look at other’s too to see if you are able to meet their needs and if they are able to meet your needs honestly and without manipulation. Then you are ready to make a final decision on whether to build something with them.


  With all that being said, let us begin. So, you have your chart, and you are wondering what your sun, moon, ascended, Venus, and Mars means. Get your pens and chart ready to do a little writing if you need to. It will be beneficial to print out your chart.


  Venus: You can use astrology not only to attract love but also to understand the way you love, and how others love. Did you know, the placement of Venus in your natal chart teaches you everything you need to know about how you give and receive love? Even your sun, moon, and ascended signs teach you how you love and tell other’s if they are compatible with you. But the main planet is Venus, and in particular the sign in your Venus, for example, maybe your Venus is in the sign of Taurus, which means you love like a Taurus, even though your sun sign is different.


  Mars: Understanding where your mars lies in your chart tells you how you are in conflict and in disagreements. Your sun sign may be in Pisces, one of the gentlest signs in the zodiac but, if your mars is in an aggressive sign like Aries, then you argue and fight like the Ram. Understanding your mars can tell you, you wither need a little back bone and stand up for yourself more, or to relax a little and practice not being so reactive.


  Sun: Your sun sign tells you who you are at the core and who you are working toward becoming and evolving into in this lifetime. When you fully evolve into your sun sign, where you embody a balance between your shadow and light, the door to discovering your dharma (Sanskrit for souls’ purpose) opens. You want to know why you are here? This is where you begin.


  Moon: Your moon sign explains the subconscious parts of you, the hidden parts. Your deepest desires are found here and who you are behind closed doors. It also reveals your emotional nature.


  Ascended (rising): This sign governs first impressions, how you show up in the world and who you are when you meet people for the first time. This is also known as your mask, how you act, for example, on your first date. So, you may be a Scorpio, but if you are not evolved and your ascended sign is a Gemini, you come off as this intellectual spirit who knows everything about all the things. The other person is unaware that under all the talk is a sensitive and very sensual person.


  Take you time reading your chart. I know it can be exciting at first! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week as we will dive into the mythological stories of the planets.



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