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As a passion of mine is to be there to support those on the spectrum, it is also my passion to be there for everyone else who wish to work on their spiritual expansion through yoga. I'll prepare you for your soul shift. Please check out below,  my classes that I would like to share with you!

When you've chosen the classes you're interested in, fill out and send me your intake forms! Also, message me in the message area at the bottom of this page and with the classes and/or workshops you would like to have access to.



Children in Yoga Class

Mindfulness on The Spectrum

🧩 "Yoga therapy is a movement therapy that teaches children how to quiet and focus their minds. It builds strength, stability, flexibility, and balance and improves a child’s capacity to perceive and interact within the world; breathing techniques calm the mind and still the body. Through mindfulness practices, your loved one will develop self-awareness. Creative play, yoga games, and partner integration if possible make yoga therapy fun. Children stretch their imaginations as they stretch their bodies and spirits. Yoga is non competitive; partnering in poses and sharing thoughts create a sense of community and elevate self-esteem. Creating an environment that is quiet and spacious prevents overloading the senses. The duration of the sessions, choice of postures, and extent of interaction with others is tailored to the individual. Yoga therapy offers routine and structure, as well as novelty and play. It is a therapy that meets your loved one wherever they uniquely are." 

Fill out the intake form below and email it to turn it in. Also, subscribe for free today and email me the key words YOGA FOR AUTISM today to begin this journey with your loved one! The sessions will be through zoom to keep everyone safe and healthy. Once I have the intake form, I'll be contacting you to discuss further what the next steps are to begin this journey together with your loved one.

If you're interested in my Mindfulness on the Spectrum  workshop, where it dives into what autism is, how yoga can help, and more, then please stay tuned! This workshop is for parents or caregivers, and yoga teacher's who are wanting more information on how to work with clients who are on the spectrum! It's awesome and exciting information! I hope to share it with you! 

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Child's Pose

Mindfulness Practices for Beginners


Are you thinking about adding yoga into your self-care ritual, but not sure where to begin?  Well you're in the right place. I'll come up with a few classes tailored specifically just for you! All you need to do so is fill out the private yoga intake form below and then subscribe for free to my website! Email me your intake form so that I can tailor your beginner yoga classes to meet you where you're at. In your email, use key words BEGINNER YOGA so I know which class you're interested in. I will contact you and there, we will begin this beautiful journey together! Namaste!

"Yoga is like an ancient and spiritual sign language, speaking to God and The Universe." - Jennifer Barlow CYT


How to Create a Sacred Space

Sacred spaces have been part of personal ritual for thousands of years. Dating all the way back to 5,000 B.C.E. Sacred spaces are places set up for intentional prayer and holding space for yourself or the collective. Often, sacred spaces were created for healing purposes and honoring the Gods. Today, although this still happens, we create sacred spaces for many other personal intentions as well. You can have a sacred space in any room and in an area that is dedicated to your intention that you're working on manifesting into reality. This work shop is a step by step process, that helps you to create your own sacred spaces. I will email you a packet with all that information AND you'll get exclusive access to my videos so you can follow along in your notes! In the workshop, I'll go over what a sacred space is, how to create one, where to create one, and the mindfulness tools you may need in those areas of your home, work, or hotel room. You get the how? what? when? and where? All you have to do is subscribe for free below, email me your name and in your message, type in the key words SACRED SPACE, and I'll get in touch with you on how to begin your workshop! I always say that intention is everything. That's because it is. Creating a sacred space is symbolic and correspond with the intention you're working on manifesting into reality. I hope to share with you what has been successful for me, and hope that it can work for you too! Namaste!

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Holding Hands

Yoga Nidra

Ever hear of Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra is a deep meditative practice which summons relaxation, mental clarity, and embodiment, allowing you full access into your body to identify the areas in your mind, body, or spirit that need a second look. It can be an intense and sometimes emotional experience and  that's ok. During these practices, it allows you to dig deep into the darker corners of yourself that you don't really give a chance to speak up. This is called "shadow work", and is a necessary process in discovering your dharma and in living in your authenticity. Your shadow self is said to be associated with your moon sign. Go to for some astrological fun when you have time! I would love it if you shared with me your natal chart!

Fill out the Private Yoga Intake Form so that I can tailor your own personal yoga nidra to meet you where you're at emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Then subscribe to my website for free and email me your intake form. Once that is turned in, I'm going to be giving you a questionnaire so that I can better understand how I should create your yoga nidra session. We will discuss payment as well. In your email use key words YOGA NIDRA so that I know this is the class you're interested in. 

I hope you will join me in this very deep healing and cleansing class. Namaste!


Tantric Yoga (right side)

There is this misconception that tantra is the practice of sex and that it's solely that. This is a mistake the western culture has made. Tantra is actually a  spiritual technology surrounding integration and transformation of the self and the world. It's one of the worlds most influential spiritual traditions.  In my tantra practices, we will cover 4 basic topics which is described in the ancient Tantric text: 

1) Wisdom teaching or spiritual knowledge

2) Yoga lifestyles that are in alignment with your individual spiritual development.

3) Yoga - Inner yoga which cover meditation, yoga nidra, breathing techniques, and cultivating self- awareness. 

4) Ritual - which consist of visualizations, meditations, mudras, mantras, movement, the elements (earth, air, fire, and water), herbs, oils, incense, candles, intention setting, and directing energy. 

Tantra involves all the layers of our being. It dissolves the false boundaries between the spiritual and worldly. Tantra means "interweaving". That is the goal of tantra, think of the Kundalini rising. There needs to be a union and integration. 


By integrating various rituals and practices, tantra seeks equilibrium between the spiritual and physical.  When you practice tantra, you're working toward becoming free from bondage, mental illusions, and are practicing on rewiring your subconscious and conscious practices.


I can talk all day and show you all night my Tantra practices. This is my main practice in my life. This is my yoga lifestyle and as  I was told by a teacher, "you're a walking manifestation." The key to manifesting is ritual and having positive conscious and subconscious practices.  The key is yoga. Like anything else, it takes patience and practice, and there is no right or wrong way to practice yoga, no matter your yoga practice. Just go with your instincts and live in your authenticity. 

Sign up for my Tantric workshop to learn more and in detail. You'll have access to all my videos where I show you some techniques that I hope resonate with you too! Subscribe below for free  and to gain access to  the workshop! Once you subscribe, email me the key words TANTRA so I know you're interested in beginning this magical and spiritual journey. Once I receive the email, I will connect with you to discuss the next steps! Namaste!

- Jennifer

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