Gemini - The Intelligent Twins

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  In astrology, you hear about the twins, and that the twins represent the zodiac sign Gemini. Ever wonder why they are twins? Let's take a little dive into Greek mythology. 

  The names of the twins of the sign Gemini are known as Castor and Pollux. Same mother, different father, born at the same time and both hatched from an egg ... what? That's right, listen to this, "Their mother was Leda, but they had different fathers; Castor was the mortal son of Tyndareus, the king of Sparta, while Pollux was the divine son of Zeus, who seduced Leda in the guise of a swan. The pair are thus an example of heteropaternal superfecundation. Though accounts of their birth are varied, they are sometimes said to have been born from an egg, along with their twin sisters Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra. In Latin the twins are also known as the Gemini[e] (literally "twins") or Castores, as well as the Tyndaridae or Tyndarids. Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together, and they were transformed into the constellation Gemini. The pair were regarded as the patrons of sailors, to whom they appeared as St. Elmo's fire. They were also associated with horsemanship, in keeping with their origin as the Indo-European horse twins." - Castor and Pollux - Wikipedia

Together as Gemini, they are known as Dioscuri.

Interesting history eh? Yea ... I know but, I do believe that our ancient ancestors weren't stupid. They knew what they were looking at and witnessing. So it makes you wonder about all the ancient texts and carvings in ancient times. Was life EXTREMELY different than it is today? More so than we thought? YES!

Now that we know the history of Gemini, let's keep going! 


My astrology teacher Athena Perrakis said it in the best way I've ever heard it! So I'm going to share what she said. She stated that " the cusps between Cancer and Gemini, you don't know whether to laugh or cry! Taurus and Gemini, you don't know whether to hurt someone or talk your way out a situation!" 


Let's laugh together! Haha! Now we can gather that she is talking about the cusps dealing with a stressing situation but, I think she is spot on! With having good experience with all the signs, and knowing that being any type of cusp can be challenging! A Taurus and Gemini, you have good and negative, just like any other sign, cusp or not. If you are a Taurus and Gemini cusp, I think it's the Taurus that saves the Gemini half because Gemini struggles with staying grounded and compassionate. Taurus struggles with patience and Gemini can allow this cusp an opportunity to stop and think before they take action. So they can balance each other out. But get them triggered, and you might get a shit show. Lol

  The Cancer and Gemini ... well that's a constant struggle of emotions and over thinking. Focusing on grounding the energy for this one is needed. 


  Magnetic personality

Can easily shift and transform


Keen observers

They will challenge your intellect

Suffer from imposture syndrome

Their whole life's work is to become integrated. Where the twins become whole.

They think through the in's and out's before taking action.

Succeed in organizations and thrive when there is structure.











  With Gemini's looks are not enough when it comes to looking for a partner. They need to be mentally stimulated too. 

  They need a creative release.

  At the end of the day, you can persuade them that there is another way of looking at something or understanding something. Whatever it is, they seem narrow minded but, if you make them think, they will open up to the possibility that there is another way. 

  It is very frustrating to a Gemini when they don't feel heard.

  Gemini's make great actors! Because they are spending this life trying to figure out who they are lol. So to be able to play different characters is such a fitting career for them. They can easily shapeshift into someone else. 

  Often deal with split personality disorder. 


  Sun: It is your purpose in life to fully become the Gemini and fully integrate the twins. 

  Rising: You show up like a Gemini. Talkative, intelligent, and your communication is clear.

Moon: You intellect is kept within. What you think is kept within. The moon in Gemini needs an outlet to safely release their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. How? Writing, teaching, some kind of art which helps them to safely express. Use art to release.

Venus: If your Venus is in Gemini, then you love like a Gemini. You're a smooth talker and will weaken the knees of your partner through your words. But be careful Gemini in Venus, not everything is intellectual. Your partner needs to feel your love for them too. That involves connecting with them emotionally and spiritually.  you may be smart with your words, but can you show them?

Mars: If your Mars is in Gemini, then you fight like a Gemini. Often confusing the other person (on purpose) to get what you want out of the argument. Your manipulation is just as great as your Leo brother's and sister's. You're quick with your words and will break down the other person just by the flick of your tongue. This also shows you the area of which you need to work on in order to achieve ascension. Even though you can tear down the other person just by words, should you? Is that in alignment with the highest good of all beings and yourself? Not exactly. This part shows you that you need to work on taking a step back and having compassion and understanding of the other person. They may be wrong or right, but that's not the point. The point is that you have to understand that not everyone understands of does things your way. Some things can be achieved in other ways. What works for you may not work for someone else. Have the courage to know that and walk away is key.


Modality: mutable

Element: air

Tarot: The Magician (transform your thoughts into the reality you seek to create).

Planet: Mercury

Color: blue


  Gemini teaches us to be self-aware.  It is our minds which help to shift and change our reality. What we think, we become. As within, so without. As aught by the most known magician of all time, Thoth or Hermes. Gemini tells us this season to use our mind to manifest our visions into reality. To become aware of our subconscious. Are you thoughts negative or positive? If you are always in a negative state of mind, you will only create more negativity in your life experiences. When you notice these negative thoughts, train yourself to shift those thoughts into something positive. For example, shift "there is not enough financial prosperity for me to have and everyone else to have. So I cannot share my prosperity with others! It is mine!" This creates a selfish way of life which does not open the door up for more prosperity to flow in your life. Where as if you shift that thought to " There is enough for me to be successful and for everyone else to be successful too! As I receive my blessings, I will also share those blessings!" This is a beautiful way of creating a nice flow of prosperity into your life experiences because, you know that you have the support of the universe and God! Why worry? Worry causes blocks. It is important to know that we do not own our blessings as they were gifted to us from the Universe and God. They own the blessings. Therefore we must always practice gratitude and say thank you when we receive. 

 Gemini is a sign that we can channel even if we are not a Gemini! With my Gemini set in my shop, you can bring in the Gemini energy into your sacred and personal spaces to help you in your manifestation work. 



Vetiver - grounding

Lavender - harmony, balance, focus, openness, and increases intelligence.

Lotus - for compassion (emotions) and connecting to the spiritual. Don't forget to feel Gemini. Love, compassion, and understanding can only be accomplished if you can connect to other's spiritually and emotionally. 


Blue Kyanite - for alignment and balance

Fluorite - finding purpose, focus, and creativity (yellow fluorite)

Aquamarine - to help connect the Gemini with their emotions and the water element.

Petrified Wood - for grounding and stability

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