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In Roman mythology, Mars is known as the God of War and seen as an agriculture guardian. He is the son of Jupiter and Juno, and the most important of the military God's, to the Roman army.


To the ancient Greek's, he was known


as Ares. Ares is primarily seen as the


God of destruction. Think about the 

word destruction for a minute. What 

images come to your head? Probably

something negative. However, "destruction" here


means to clear out, cleanse, and create


space to create something new! Don't


let society influence how you see Ares. In my experience, he is not "evil" or bad.


The Roman military saw Ares or Mars


as a symbol of securing peace and as a

father figure. 



 Ares can be seen as an archetype to


call forth ideas for peace and


resolution in times of conflict.


Helping you come to an MBO (mutual

beneficial outcome).


Ares has a keen sense on intuition.


He's like a bullshit detector. Knowing


who has good intentions and bad


intentions. He can guide you in


revealing those who are true to you,


and those who are not.

When you look at your Aries brother's


and sister's, they have that built in


bullshit detector lol. So long as they


know the difference between their


ego's voice and their higher self's


voice (intuition). To have ego rule


your mind and making decisions from


that place, can lead them away from


their path and the truth. It is


misleading. If you see a fellow Aries


struggling with this, give them the


advice (if it resonates with them) to


go into meditation and connect with


the archetype, Ares, to guide them


toward truth. Toward their intuition


and burning away toxic ways of



Venus & Mars

Venus and Mars Image.jpg

Venus and Mars had other children together, besides Eros. They are also parents of Goddess Concordia. She is the Goddess of agreement in marriage and society ... hmm... maybe we should seeking her assistance right now huh? 

The ancient Greek counterpart is known as Harmonia, Goddess of harmony and music.

The Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino, wrote about Ares and Aphrodite. " Only Venus dominates Mars, he never dominates her." All images of the pair together in ancient Roman art show Ares (Mars) disarmed and relaxed, sometimes sleeping. Suggesting that together, they create peace and trust. , which, if you look at the Aries people, they harness fire. In order to create balance to the hard headedness and ego, they can benefit from those who embody the love of Aphrodite (Venus). 

They can also use the Goddess as an archetype to guide them down a path of love, peace, harmony and beauty. To create equilibrium within.

The relationship between the two also shows Ares not rejecting Venus, in fact, he welcomes and embraces her. So you see, he's not as "destructive" as you think. Same goes for his "children", our Aries brother's and sister's. To help quiet the ego, they too can learn to embrace love from within and also give that love openly to others. This require compassion for the self and everyone else. This will create harmony and balance internally. 

Just so you know:


The Hindu religion calls Mars Mangala. Born from the sweat of Shiva.

In ancient Egypt, Mars is known as "Horus the Red" and "Horus of the Horizon".

Home work:

Look at your natal chart and find where Mars lies. What sign is it under and highlight or take note of it. Remember, this tells you how you are in conflict and how you "fight". Seek guidance from Ares to help you see clarity in times of conflict. How should you handle that situation so that you can create a peaceful outcome? Don't be surprised if the God of Mars has you burn away some toxic ways so that you can understand someone or  something better.


Until next week friends,  


Lady Jenn

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