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The Goddess of Beauty & Creation

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Taurus is Latin for "bull". It is talked about in astrology, the constellation, and mythology. 

To the Ancient Egyptian's, the sign of Taurus represents three important figures, Osiris, the Sun god and in some ancient descriptions, his sister Isis. Both are depicted as a bull or cow. Osiris is also known as the Bull-God, Apis. Apis was actually worshipped much earlier before Osiris was. Some may say that Osiris is the reincarnation of the God Apis. 

In some accounts, the bull and cow also represented the Egyptian Goddess, Hathor. The relationship between Goddess Hathor and Osiris, even Isis, go back much earlier. Isis was sometimes seen as a reincarnation of Hathor, which is why you may see depictions of Hathor breastfeeding Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis. Or see Isis wearing the horns of the bull. It is as if Isis and Hathor are one. Also "  like Hathor, she sometimes took the form of Imentet, the goddess of the west, who welcomed the deceased soul into the afterlife as her child.[27" - Isis - Wikipedia

I personally think that, just like the Pharaohs, how each Pharaoh is the reincarnation of a God, the same can be said for the Queens of Ancient Egypt. So maybe Isis in her human form as a Queen, is the reincarnation of Hathor. I also sometimes think that Isis dressed like Hathor, embodying Hathor. Almost like calling forth the divine energy of Hathor so as to harness the divine powers of the goddess for her magical practices.  Just something I am thinking about. Do you have thoughts?

Much like Hathor, the cow Goddess, Taurus harnesses earthy energy. In a way that it helps with the growth in prosperity. Prosperity in love, good health, power, wealth, and wisdom. I believe that the Ancient Egyptian's new this and could feel this, and the Queen's, like Nefertiti, provided offerings to her. So as to say thank you or to ask for prosperity in those areas in their lives. Hathor is the Goddess of Queen's. You can't get any higher than that! Taurus people (sun, moon, or rising) are here to create beauty, sensuality, stability, and comfort. They manifest abundance effortlessly! Just like the Goddess Hathor. Hmm... I'm sensing a Hathor oil blend for my shop...Yes! I am going to create this and make it available in my shop! You may use this blend along side my Taurus set I have for you to use this Taurus season. Find the link at the end of this lesson!

More on Taurus People:

What I admire about Taurus people, are that they have a way of standing their ground in relationships. Romantic, friendship, employee, or employer. They have this grounded ability to make it known that they are here to do what they know they need to. You are either with them or not. Not in a mean way, but as to say, " I take this job or situation seriously! I will make this work!" And they do if ego isn't in the way and can clearly sense their intuition. I feel there is nothing more sad than a Taurus who's ego is all over the place. They will have such a hard time pursuing their dreams, or even finding out what their soul gifts are. That is so sad to me BECAUSE their purpose on this planet, is to bring out the beauty in other's. However that may look like. It is their purpose to also share their unique beauty and soul gifts with this planet, however that may look like as well.

Taurus men and women can bring forth creative vision and manifest it into reality. They have no problem taking an idea to the finish line! If you are hiring right now, look for a Taurus. They will take the idea you have and the tools you give them, and they will complete the project ... with a cherry on top. Just give them a direction and they got it. They create the beauty!


Sun - You love beauty and also people who create beauty around you. Your partner should be a source of inspiration for you. You love comfort, smell good fragrances, and your home needs to be your oasis. 

Moon - Oh moon Taurus. Deep down and behind close doors, you desire beauty and long for bringing your visions into reality. You desire comfort, love, luxury, and quality. What is holding you back? Who cares who's watching! JUST DO IT! This planet needs you to.

Rising - I am a Taurus rising and I have to say lol, we show up as the nontraditional artist. Creating our beauty in a way people would have never thought of. We have our own unique touch in our art. Whatever that art is! For me, it's bringing the spiritual realms and anchoring them into reality .... like what I'm doing in this class and my online shop! 

Venus - If your Venus is in Taurus, then you love like a Taurus. How sexy can you get! You are the lover of beauty and express love through beauty. Bringing more physical beauty into the other persons' life. You love receiving that same beauty in return! In love, you look for stability and security in the relationship. 

Mars - If your mars is in Taurus, then you fight like a Taurus. An unevolved may have steam coming from their nose, they start grinding those hooves on the floor, and charge! However, an evolved Taurus in mars offers stability and clarity within the conflict. You are grounded and take deep breathes of compassion.

A Taurus Man and Woman

Man - You tend to look more for quality. Taurus men are the kings.

Woman - you tend to look more for stability. Taurus women are the Goddesses of the zodiac. Above the Leo Queen's. Sorry Leo's.

Taurus people in relationships want to know that their potential partner is going to stay and will see if you take them seriously. Are you in it to win it? Is it for life?


Some people think that the artists of the zodiac are Pisces. As a Pisces myself I would like to say "hell yea!!" But, that wouldn't be true lol. Every sign has  a different flavor of art! 

Taurus art is to create the beauty in their own unique way and depending on their other signs! Especially their north node. Some examples of Taurus art are: crochet, hair stylist, gardening, architects, clothing design, cooks, advertising, interior design, and actors, just to name a few.


It is kind of easy for me to spot a Taurus in their shadow because they are not creating and ego is ruling over their life. They are not staying true to themselves, not practicing authenticity, and are just stuck in ego. This can cause some serious problems later on in life for them, such as over eating and alcoholism, for example. 


If you want to help your Taurus friend or partner, give them space to find out what their soul gifts are in this world. Help them evolve and let them know, you are there to hold space for them along their journey. 


For anyone who has suffered from addiction such as substance abuse, were not given the space or freedom to fulfil that part of themselves that they were longing for. They didn't feel safe to be authentic. Give them the reassurance that they have space to be who they were meant to be! 


For a Taurus, that restriction creates a pocket of resistance and unhealthy habits. 




Modality: Fixed (stubborn, holds steady in their goals, and resists change).


Element: Earth (grounded, root and heart chakras)


Tarot Archetype: The Empress


Color: Green


Planet: Venus


Energy: rebirth, growth, fertility, abundance, prosperity, power, and stability.




Gemstones: Emerald for beauty, growth, abundance, wisdom, and discernment. Lapis Lazuli for stamina, power, royalty, goddess energy, creation, and manifestation. Angelite to help deepen the spirituality of a Taurus, higher realm connection, deepen intuition, self-trust, patience, speaking truth, and finding your authenticity. Green Aventurine for fertility, growth, abundance, and attracting the necessary opportunities and resources you need to complete a goal. Citrine to attract prosperity of any kind.





Herbs and Essential Oils: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Violet, Rosemary, Rose, Bergamot, Mugwort, Rowan, and Hawthorn. 

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Good sense of humor!






Taurus teaches us to never give up on what we desire in life. To love who you are and use that self-loving energy to pursue your dreams and inspire other's to do the same. When you feel you're running low on energy and need that stamina you know a Taurus harnesses, use the Taurus set in my shop to surround yourself in that uplifting, grounded, and "go getter" energy! Then, keep going! Your past Aires set from last month can work great in conjunction to the Taurus set! I'm doing that right now and getting a lot done! Meditation and subconscious awareness is helping me to find open doors to possibilities and resources! 

Taurus teaches us to not be afraid to be your authentic self and express it! To not be afraid to go after your dreams and share your soul gifts! What that is and however that looks! Be you! No one can do what you're meant to do, like you! Share your beauty!


Egyptian - Osiris, Isis, and Hathor.


Mesopotamia/Sumerian - Ishtar and Inanna


Buddhist - Gautama Buddha


Greek - Aphrodite, Io (nymph), and Zeus


Roman - Venus


Ancient Shinto (Japanese) - Amaterasu


Ancient Chinese - Quan Yin and Wangmu


Hindu - Vrisha Rashi (Venus), Ganesha, Lakshmi, Tara, and Saraswati (to be incorporated all together in ritual). 










I hope that you enjoyed this class for this month! If you have questions, please message me on here and I will get back you as soon as I can. Remember your monthly astrology tools are up and available for you if needed in my shop. Ritual is such an important part of manifesting your visions, and as Taurus is the sign for making dreams a reality, now is the time to dive into ritual! May also happened to be money month! As 5 is the number of wealth. It is a 555 year! May 5th is the day to begin your wealth ritual and I have your 555 ritual set available for you as well if you feel you need to focus more on wealth. The combination of my Taurus and 555 sets will be so powerful together! I'm so excited to share them with you! Link to shop below!




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