Venus is known as the Roman Goddess of love, fertility, beauty, and sex, and is said to also be the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. The Greeks also believed she was the Goddess of victory.

Aphrodite, or Venus, was born from the foam of the sea after the Greek God Cronus (Saturn) castrated his father Ouranus (Uranus). His blood went into the sea and from there, Venus rose up from the sea in a clam.

Venus was said to have many lovers, but her main lovers were the Gods Ares (Mars) and Hephaistos (Vulcan). 

Did you know, Cupid (Eros) is the Greek God of love and the son of Aphrodite and Ares? He was known to meddle in the affairs of the Gods, which annoyed them. To escape the danger Eros now faces, his mother, Aphrodite turned herself and Eros into fish (forming Pisces) and disappeared into the sea to avoid the anger of the God's This is why I believe Venus to have a connection with Pisces too and not just Taurus.

In Mesopotamia, Venus was known as Goddess Ishtar. Here is what one of my mentors taught me about Ishtar: " Ishtar, once known as Inanna, is a fierce Mesopotamian love and war goddess. She’s known for her beauty, power, and ambition and brings changes in fortune and status. Ishtar is both the container and that which is contained; both masculine and feminine in divine nature. Ishtar reawakens us as Divine women of the Goddess and acknowledges the value and inherent Divinity of men. Her spirit encourages you to hold your ground with grace. As the goddess of body boundaries, Ishtar helps to open and set the perimeter of your energy field. She is there, tending the fire and keeping the space clear. Work with Ishtar to invoke your inner Queen of the Heavens."

Inanna - Ishtar 1.jpg

How does this relate to your astrological birth chart? Because for some, it's helpful to know what archetypes you could work with if you're needing help with a certain area in your life. For example, if your Venus is in Pisces and you struggle in the area of love, you can seek direction from any of the Venus archetypes. Whether it be the Roman, Greek, Mesopotamian, or even Egyptian Goddesses. The ancient Egyptians saw Goddess Hathor as their "Venus". Sit in meditation using metaphysical tool which radiate at the frequency of love and see a Goddess guiding you in the direction to clarity in terms of love. Layers and layers of correspondents is important! In my experience, you manifest a little quicker, what you're seeking. And harnessing faith is key.

Whatever your Venus is in, you can use these Goddesses (who I see more like archetypes) to help direct you. 

Next week we will talk about Mars (Ares) and his mythological story. 

For now, your homework is to look at your natal chart and see where your Venus placement is at. What sign is it in? Remember that your Venus sign tells you what you expect in a relationship, how you love, and part of what you are looking for in a partner. This can bring clarity to some who are not sure what they are looking for. 


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