We Are Unique

  One thing that I would like for everyone to understand is that we are all unique and have been shaped and conditioned differently. When we were born, we were born with a purpose and mission to fulfill. However, as we grew older, we lost our innocence and we were molded into a person society and our caregivers wanted us to become. Or, at least attempted to shape us. But in that process, we lost who we truly were. The very person our creator needed us to become in order to fulfill something that only we can achieve for the good of our planet and people. This is where practicing authenticity and finding your purpose comes in. This is where understanding that we must UNLEARN who were taught to become by society and our caregivers comes in, and beginning to RELEARN who our creator made us to be, comes in.

  Not only do we need to understand that, but we also need to understand that we were born with ancestral connections. We are born with some of our ancestors ... stuff. It could be baggage or we could have energetically inherited some qualities that could help us in our spiritual journey. It is our responsibility to figure out if the inheritance is something beneficial or potentially harmful to our ascension process.  How can you find that out? Meditation. Connecting to your higher-self and feeling out if those ancestral attachments are aligning with our true essence or not. Using a pendulum during this can be most helpful too. 

  I need you all to understand this because you can read about your astrological signs until you're blue in the face and still feel like it doesn't resonate with you. In reality, it does! You have just been conditioned and molded into thinking, feeling, and acting a certain way that is in opposition to who you truly are at the core. And your ancestral connections can also act in opposition to your true essence. So stay the course and learn your natal chart as a guide to help you in understanding your path, and what isn't true to your core. Your natal charts are your road maps. 


Begin working on clearing away anything that is not in alignment to your true essence. Selenite rods are available in my shop if you need a metaphysical tool to help with the clearing process. You can use something as simple as that or sage! As you cleanse yourself inside and out, past, present, and future, recite this:

Mantra: I clear away anything that is not in alignment with my souls path and purpose. I detach from past, present, and ancestral connections which do not serve me. I welcome all necessary opportunities and resources I need, to safely guide me toward my souls purpose. Amen, A'ho. and So It Is! It is done!